Stop using air fresheners to mask nasty smells! PowAir products quickly and safely remove unwanted odours rather than just cover them up!

PowAir Penetrator Spray

My Favourite PowAir Product! 

The all rounder, the ultimate in odour neutralisation!


PowAir Penetrator Spray

Penetrator permanently eliminates organic odours, including cat/dog urine, sweat, body odour, vomit, faeces, grease, mildew and smoke when trapped in porous materials such as fabrics, textiles, upholstery, carpet and wood.


Available sizes:


Penetrator Spray 464ml  £9.97

Penetrator Refill 922ml  £11.52

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PowAir Urine & Odour

Available as a 464ml spray and a cost effective 922 ml refill, PowAir Urine & Odour is a must for any home with pets.


Containing a proprietary blend of natural essential oils and high performance enzymes that eliminate odours at the molecular level.  PowAir Urine & Odour helps breakdown pet stains and smells, including urine, faeces and vomit trapped in carpet and upholstery.


PLUS the high performance microbial enzymes eliminate the pheremones in urine to help prevent repeated marking.

Do you supply anything to get rid of dog urine smell outdoors on patio/driveways?

Yes! We recommend our enzymatic based Urine & Odour product which will completely break down and eliminate urine and other organic odours.

This product can be used on both porous and non-porous materials, including concrete/patios/tiles/wood etc. Simply spray and leave to absorb – any leftover residue can be later removed.



464ml Spray £9.97

922ml Refill £11.52

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The PowAir Block

The PowAir Block odour eliminator, is a cost-effective way to neutralise continuous odours in small spaces.  It is a proven, essential oil based, odour neutraliser, infused with refreshing aromatic scents.


Use in vehicles, caravans and motorhomes, cupboards, lockers, gym bags, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and of course, the little room in the house, it's also ideal for pet smells around pet beds and litter trays.


Available in 3 refreshing scents

Tropical Breeze, Passion Fruit and Apple Crumble 

the PowAir Block is 170g and costs just £9.12


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Estimated unit lifetime 1000+ hours of continuous odour neutralisation (based on ambient temperature in a small sized area)


PowAir Gel


PowAir Gel can be used by simply removing the lid and placing the pot around the origin of the unwanted odour - an occasional shake of the pot to agitate the contents, will ensure continuous evaporation and dispersal through the air. 

Alternatively, to disperse the gel around larger areas, you can decant the gel into multiple containers and position around the area needing treatment. 

How does PowAir Gel work?

PowAir Gel relies on evaporation to transport its odour neutralising molecules into the air to attract and bond with odour molecules so it can neutralise and eliminate those unwanted odours. You may not be able to control the rate of odours but you can easily control the evaporation rate of PowAir Gel to effectively eliminate those odours.


Several factors such as airflow, temperature, humidity and the amount of Gel exposed to the air will affect the rate of evaporation. Evaporation rates also vary as each of these conditions change from time to time. For example: hotter temperatures, lower humidity and increased airflow increase the rate of evaporation while lower temperatures and higher humidity decrease the rate of evaporation.

The science of PowAir has been proven successful over 22 years. So, if you are using PowAir Gel and you still smell an odour, you simply need to increase the rate of evaporation because there are more “odour” molecules in the air than there are odour neutraliser molecules


Available in 3 refreshings scents:


Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit and Tropical Breeze


400g Jar £8.41

732g Jar £15.32

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The Misting Dome

The PowAir Misting Dome changes colour whilst dispensing a scented mist - perfect for relaxing and restoring your mind.


The colour change feature can be set to an individual colour or a gradient mix.


Used in conjunction with the PowAir Liquids, not only is the misting dome a beautiful feature for your home but at the same time it is neautralisng any nasty odours in a 100% pet and environmentally friendly way.


Misting Dome (white) £30

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(see below for the PowAir Liquids)

PowAir Liquid

The versatile odour neutraliser, PowAir Liquid can be used in sprayers, diluted to use as a cleaning solution or used in a PowAir dispenser - such as the Misting Dome.


Created with a natural blend of essential oils, this powerful odour neutraliser can be used safely around your home and pets.  PowAir does not contain any toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals.


Available in three refreshing scents Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit and Tropical Breeze


464ml £11.99

922ml £18.43

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The PowAir VAPR Nano Spray Gun

The VAPR Liquid Nano Sprayer is a wireless ULV (ultra low volume) mist dispenser.


The ULV means that this sprayer dispenses high amounts of liquids at low pressure, turning the liquid into a mist for greater coverage.


Use this cost effective sprayer in your home on things like beds, soft furnishings, carpets, walls, clothing, footwear etc

VAPR Liquid Nano Sprayer £30

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Use in conjunction with PowAir Liquid (see above)

Pet Wash Bag

Keep your washing machine free of pet hair when washing their bedding, blankets and towels.


This pet wash bag acts as a filtration system by retaining loose hair inside the bag during the wash cycle, whilst still allowing a free flow of water to clean your items.


The pet wash bag will also prevent damage from buckles when washing items like collars and harnesses


Pet Wash Bag 

W: 75cm

L: 80cm


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