In September 2022, I was attending Paws In The Park - Kent's largest dog show.  Our dog training stand was positioned opposite a stand for PowAir and so I discovered this amazing product, that not only works but is animal safe and cruelty free - both an absolute must for any product I use in my home. 


I was so impressed with Powair, I decided to become a stockist and cant wait for my clients to discover these fantastic products, that really do do what the manufacturers say.


Proactive Pet Odour Management

  • Neutralises pet odours and helps to prevent remarking
  • Safe to use on carpets, upholstery and other materials (patch testing advised)
  • Contains a blend of natural essential oils & enzymes


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What makes PowAir products work?

The key to eliminating odours is the natural-ingredients we choose to use, such as our proprietary mixture of high quality plant-based essential oils. We do not use low-grade oils. We use a food grade surfactant to mix our oil formula with purified water to ensure the highest level of quality and effectiveness possible for our sprays. Our Gel, Block and Penetrator products also use non toxic and natural ingredients to complete each type of product for eliminating odours in various applications. PowAir products not only work extremely well, they are
safe to use!

What's the difference between PowAir and generic Air Freshners?

Unlike air fresheners that only mask odours, PowAir actually eliminates odours. Our proprietary blend of natural high quality plant based essential oils neutralise odours at a molecular level. We do not use any toxic or harsh chemicals, use PowAir to eliminate any unhealthy odours and enjoy your life.

Do your products permanently destroy odours in the home or only whilst you use them?

Our products are true odour eliminators and will destroy any bad odour molecules that are present.

Where bad odours are repetitious – and where the source of the odour cannot be removed – our products would need to be used on an on-going basis.  


For example –

If you have a rodent under a floorboard, our products would work to eliminate the resulting bad odours.

However, if you were to stop using our products but the rodent remained, then the bad odours would return as the source of the odour has not been removed.


With that being said, there are many odours that arise within the home where the source cannot be removed. For example, pet odours, cooking odours, smoking odours.

We have a number of product options based on individual requirements so do let us know if you would like any advice regards choosing the right product for you.

Is your range safe to use around children and babies?

Yes! We openly advertise as being a family and pet-safe brand due to our natural plant-based formulas; all of our products are non-toxic and are free of harmful chemicals and alcohol, ingredients that you will regularly find in commonly used household items.

We have safety data sheets available for viewing on our website showing that our plant-based essential oils are low level and non-toxic.

Are your products tested on animals?

No! None of our products are tested on animals. Due to the nature of the ingredients in our products, we are not required to carry out formula laboratory testing. We have therefore chosen not to do so because we strongly believe that such tests are cruel and inhumane.










PowAir isn't just for pet odours, it quickly and effectively eliminates any unwanted odours from your environment:

  • Cooking smells
  • Sweat
  • Urine
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Trapped odours on upholstery/curtains/carpets/soft furnishings
  • Vehicles


Does PowAir work on all types of odours?

Yes, household odours do not compare in intensity or volume to the industrial and commercial odour problems our formula was initially designed to eliminate. You can rest assured that PowAir eliminates all the odour problems you have at home or work including bathroom, pet, garbage, smoke and kitchen odours just to name a few


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