What happens when I make my initial enquiry to Leigh's Pet Care?

Firstly, we will check that we have availability for your dates.  Whilst I am not restricted by 'cage' space, I am restricted by time!  I have a cut off that is dependent on where booked in clients live and how many visits per day they require.  Early booking is strongly advised, especially for the more popular holidays times.

Contact me HERE to discuss your requirements.


When will I have to confirm  my booking?

Bookings will not be placed in the diary until you have confirmed, therefore I would suggest confirming your booking ASAP so as not to lose your space.  Whilst I do not feel the need to take a deposit, as soon as you have confirmed, I would very much appreciate you let me know of any changes to your dates if this happens.


What happens about giving you my door key?

Shortly before your booking, I will visit you to meet you, complete the required paperwork and go through your pet's care requirements - this is when I will collect your door key.  I personally prefer to leave this meeting closer to your booking, so that care requirements are current.  If however you wish to meet me prior to this (at the time of booking confirmation) that is absolutely fine, however the second visit to collect ket etc will be chargeable to cover fuel costs.

Some clients like me to keep their key, especially if they go away at short notice for work/holidays.  This is absolutely fine and your key will be kept securely in my home.

Please do not put any indication of your address on your keys! A keyring is fine.


When will I have to pay for my booking?

Full payment is due at the commencement of your booking and can be paid by cash or direct bank transfer.


What if I need to cancel or change my booking?

Please see our terms and conditions for details of cancellation charges.


What details will you need from me before the commencement of my booking?

At our meeting, there will be paperwork to complete, the information required will be:

Pet care requirements - feeding, litter disposal, any medication to be administered.  Its also a good idea to let me know of any physically noticeable things your cat might have (any 'normal' lameness, eye colour change, hair loss etc)

Alarm codes/key box codes 

Location of trip switches/stop cock

Vet details

Emergency contact details

Spare key holder details

Contact details of where you will be (i.e. hotel)


If you have any further questions, please do note hesitate to contact me.