All about me!

As a child and throughout my life, I have been surrounded by animals!  As a child it was predominantly dogs,  then getting my own home was when my love for cats came to the fore - they were a pet I could still have, yet work full time!

Having spent my work life in office based roles, I was desperate to work with animals but as anyone who has wanted to work with animals knows - the pay isnt great and with 'real life' to pay for, I feared i'd be forever behind a desk, dreaming.

In 2004 I discovered a way I could fulfil my dream, yet work a 'normal' job alongside it.  Pet Sitting! this wasnt a service regularly heard of at the time, there was no social media to promote my services and advertising was expensive, yet with a sign written vehicle and recommendations from clients, Leigh's Pet Care grew bigger and my dream was becoming a reality.

Now 18 years later, I have many repeat clients and new ones join my diary all the time, I am now also a qualified Absoloute Dogs, Pro Dog Trainer - living the dream!



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My first cat was a gorgeous tabby boy, who was a stray being fed by the builders at our new build flat, after searching for his home to no avail,  'Merton' moved in with us,  when we decided to re-locate to the Kent village of Horton Kirby he lived happily in the countryside, until he passed over the rainbow bridge in October 2007.


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Sparkle & Arnie

After losing our beloved boy, Merton, life wasn't the same without our feline friend, so along came Arnie & Sparkle.  A brother and sister that brought the smiles back to our faces.  Arnie & Sparkle are now 15 years young, they've tolerated me introducing two more cats and a dog into their world - Sparkle is always the boss though, with her 'tortitude'.

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One of my regular clients was a foster carer for rescued female cats and their kittens - Dora was a kitten of one of the litters, she was a little bit poorly when very young, this meant she wasnt able to be re-homed until she was about six months old.  By then, Jan had got so attached to her, she asked me if i would consider having her.

How could I refuse!

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Tabby Boy

This boy is very special!

He was a feral tom cat living around our village, often sleeping in a kennel  in my garden (much to Arnie's disgust!).  I decided, for his health and wellbeing, to 'trap' him and get him neutered.

Fours years later and he is most definitely an indoor cat - he isnt in the best health (street life does that, i guess) but for however long we continue to have him, Tabby Boy will always have a warm bed and a full tummy.

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The Girls

My childhood dream come true!  From left to right, Poppy, Pepsi and Kate.  

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Terry Tortoise

Terry strolled into our life about 10 years ago now - 10 years later we find out 'Terry' is actually a 'Terri' when he produced an egg!

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The Chooks

There's nothing quite like collecting fresh eggs from your own hens!  

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This gorgeous boy has changed my life!  In 2021, after years of caring for and working with clients dogs, my work allowed me to at last have my own dog.  Having Drummer saw me get involved with the amazing Absoloute Dogs.  I so wanted to help other owners discover the fantastic world of concept training and so trained and became a qualifed AD Pro Dog Trainer.  I now love working alongside a very good friend as a trainer at K9 Dog Training in Fawkham.