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Services Offered By Leigh's Pet Care

New For 2016 - Dog Walking Service


We are so pleased to be able to re-start offering our extremely popular dog walking.  Spaces will be  limited to ensure that all clients get nothing but the best service, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your dogs requirements. 

Your dog will be collected from your home on a set regular time and taken for a lovely fun filled walk, helping to alleviate the boredom of being left alone that can all too often lead to a depressed, destructive pet.  All dogs from the same household are walked alone providing one to one attention for their safety and your piece of mind.




 Cat Sitting


Being a cat owner, I am only too aware of the stress that the tiniest upset in their world can bring.  So next time you are away from home for whatever reason then why not leave your cat(s) where they are most happy - AT HOME - no doubt curled up by the radiator or basking in the sunlight.

We will visit your cat(s) on a daily basis as many times as you feel necessary - we do recommend at least once a day.

We will clean & re-fill food and water bowls, clean litter trays, let out and bring in, open/lock cat flap, as well as lots of lovely strokes and cuddles.




Small Furry & Feathered Friends


It isn't only cats that need to be cared for when their owners are away - there is of course our small furry and feathered friends.

Leigh's Pet Care will clean and re-fill food and water bowls/bottles, clean cages and hutches, transfer from hutches to runs or let them have some exercise in their exercise ball - infact anything they would normally do when you are home.

We are able to accomodate your small pets at our own home, however, spaces are limited so early booking is advised.




Fish - Tank/Pond Kept


Leigh's Pet Care will feed, check water levels, check safety nets/lids are secure and if required, clean tanks, ponds, pumps and filters.